Tsunami memorial live on Swedish television

Uppsala Cathedral. Photo // Arild Vågen@wikicommons
Uppsala Cathedral. Photo // Arild Vågen@wikicommons

The Swedish church and Royal family have taken initiative to host a memorial service 10 years after the Tsunami struck Southeast Asia.

SVT will broadcast the second day of Christmas 4PM in Uppsala Cathedral Sweden when Swedish royals, families of victims and tsunami survivors are gathering in remembrance of the more than 300.000 lives that were lost on the 26th December 2004.

The royal family will be present and the Prime Minister will speak. Annika Skoglund will sing complemented by Ulrika Edstrom on cello and Andrew Canning on organ.

Sweden was the Scandinavian country that suffered the greatest lost, at least 543 passed away that fatal morning. In a press release archbischop Antje Jackelen who will lead the memorial service says:

“The tsunami disaster is a national trauma. Catastrophes happen around the world and in people’s lives every day. This service is a place to share life’s fragility and strength. Memorials are needed to look backwards and forwards.”

In addition to the memorial in Uppsala, the Swedish Church is also hosting a memorial at Khao Lak north of Phuket.

Norwegian Seamen’s church and the Danish embassy is also having a memorial at Khao Lak. Furthermore there will also be a Finnish memorial at the 27th.

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