Two Vietnamese students receive Global Swede 2021 Award

Photo: Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi

In a recent update, The Embassy of Sweden in Vietnam congratulated two female students, Vietnamese Thuy Vu from Stockholm School of Economics and Thi Diu Cap from Mälardalen University on winning the Global Swede 2021 Award. The Global Swede 2021 Award was presented by Swedish Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs, Ms. Anna Hallberg at a ceremony in Stockholm in May and given to 23 outstanding international students from 17 different countries who graduated from Swedish universities.

The Global Swede award is granted to active, committed, and enthusiastic students who are excellent in areas closely related to innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship and shown that they are great representatives of their own country as well as Sweden.

The two students received congratulatory letters from the Swedish Ambassador Ann Måwe while Mr. Johan Alvin and Ms. Dang Phuong Lan, representing the Embassy in Hanoi, had a video call with them after the ceremony. “The Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi wishes them all the best of luck in their future endeavors!”, the Embassy states.

In a video posted by the Embassy, Thuy Vu explains that she studied Business Management at Stockholm School of Economics and that is also one of the scholarship holders of the KA Borneo international fellowship program that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation between The Nordic and Southeast Asia. “I am driven by the opportunities to learn and directly impact society through technology and innovation,” Thuy Vu says. “Studying at the Stockholm School of Economics has enabled me to broaden my professional network and to build up a broader set of skills for growing businesses across culture and geographical location,” she adds.

Thi Diu Cap explains that she is an ambassador student in Financial Engineering at the Mälardalen University. Choosing to study in Sweden was a life-changing decision for her, she says and she has received an in-depth knowledge of math and finance which will prepare her well to land in her dream career while the experience has also brought her a lot of joy and new friendships.

Global Swede is part of efforts by the Swedish Government and the Swedish Institute to build long-term relations with international students in Sweden. The aim is to create transnational and multicultural networks that promote Swedish foreign trade and the development of future solutions.

Photo: Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi

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