Unfair Danish pension regulations

If a Danish pensioner lives outside of Europe, he must survive on basic pension of less than 6.000 DKK per month less tax to Denmark, will lose his/her right to vote and must take out a private health insurance.

However, if the same person moves to a country within Europe, he or she will get all the extra pension allowances and free public health insurance on top.

If you find this unfair, you can sign a petition online established by Kurt Rosenberg Rasmussen on http://www.skrivunder.net/pension_uden_granser

For Kurt Rosenberg Rasmussen, and 377 other Danes who have signed the petition, it is unjustified why there should be this difference. A Danish pensioner who supported the creation of today’s welfare state should have the right to choose freely, where he or she would like to reside when receiving the pension they are entitled to.

“Under the current regulations, these pensioners pendle back and forth between Denmark and Thailand every six months just to maintain their right to their Danish pension in full plus the various other allowances,” he writes.


He even points out, that as the Danish state would gain from having these pensioners living outside the country, it could be a benefit for all – also the ones who choose to stay in Denmark – to sign his petition.

Not surprisingly, a number of the 377 people who have so far signed their support  for the move to have the regulations changed, live in Thailand … as many days per year as they legally can, of course.

To support the cause and read his full argument, click here:

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3 Comments on “Unfair Danish pension regulations”

  1. Bjarne.

    Det kunne vaere interessant om du kunne skrive noget om at flytte til Bulgarien

    Efter 30 aar i Thailand skal jeg pensioneres om 2 aar og vil kun kunne faa en broekpension paa Dkr 2,000 hvis jeg forstaar systemet korrekt

    Det er naturligvis umuligt at overleve for i Thailand som pensionist for dette lille beloeb

  2. When I studied IR in the USA, the government law makers also are the problems. My instructor said Sweden was the best country, that was 1998. But this article is changing my mind about Sweden, the law makers are also the problems just like the USA.

    I wander that if Swedish who working outside the EU, Does he pay less tax because outside the border?.

    Obviously, this regulation is a rubbish, this is against human rights. I hope Swedish must fight for yourself and get that shit out of the office.

  3. Jeg tog konsekvensen af det urimelige system i juni 2015, og flyttede til Bulgarien, som er billigere end både Thailand og Cambodja.

    Men jeg har tænkt mig at bruge reglen om at man kan opholde sig udenfor EU 6 måneder for hver 12 måneder. (((Forskellen på pension indenfor og udenfor EU er, at jeg kan spare op til en returbillet fra Sofia til Phnom Penh hver 10ende uge – selv om jeg er på brøkpension.)))

    Reglerne om at bo udenfor EU betyder også, at man ikke kan få sygesikring, så længe man bor udenfor EU. Det kan man eksempelvis i BG.

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