Update on the covid-19 situation in Vietnam from Ambassador Ann Måwe

On 16 July, The Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi published a letter from Ambassador Ann Måwe to all Swedes in Vietnam on the current Covid-19 situation in the country.

In the letter, the Ambassador touches down on the covid-19 situation in Vietnam which is currently escalating, especially Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). The Ambassador recognizes that this summer again is not what we had hoped for and ask all Swedes in Vietnam to stay updated with current restrictions 

The Ambassador also writes that the Embassy in Hanoi receives many questions regarding vaccination for Swedes in Vietnam. The Ambassador writes that the Swedish Embassy, together with the EU circuit, has worked for its citizens to be covered by the Vietnamese vaccination plan in the same way as foreign citizens residing in Sweden are covered by the Swedish vaccine campaign. The Vietnamese national vaccination campaign started on March 8, 2021, and at a press conference on June 24, it was confirmed that foreign citizens are covered by the national vaccination program. The first phase begins with individuals in special priority groups and geographical areas. 

Read more about priority groups and timetables in this article

Find more information about what the vaccination process looks like and how you register here

Moreover, the Ambassador writes, “At the moment there is no information that the Ministry of Social Affairs intends to vaccinate Swedes abroad. All residents in Sweden will be able to receive free vaccination in Sweden. If you are discharged from Sweden, you must sign up again to receive public health care in Sweden.”

Read the full letter from Ambassador Ann Måwe here

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