Volvo Buses launches new chassis range for Malaysia

f5e29622Volvo Buses Malaysia recently unveiled its new chassis range to the Malaysian market – the new Volvo B7R and Volvo B11R. Launched in the presence of the Ambassador of Sweden to Malaysia, Volvo customers, partners and members of the media, Volvo Buses’ new chassis range are poised to offer the best solutions for next-generation public transport and travel in Malaysia.

The launch of the Volvo Buses Chassis Range today spells an additional significant advancement in the operations of Volvo Malaysia. It also underscores our commitment and deep interest to play an even more active participation in the country’s transportation industry,” said Mats Nilsson, Managing Director, Volvo Malaysia.

Both the Volvo B7R and Volvo B11R are chassis models that were designed with versatility in mind and made for efficient, safe, and profitable transport, both of which have enjoyed increased demand in other markets.

David Mead, Vice President, APAC, Volvo Buses Corporation said, “This chassis range we are launching today provides first-class driveability, outstanding fuel-efficiency and low on environmental impact. The versatility of this chassis range allows our customers to customize according to their needs, as they are easily tailored to suit school bus, long distance charter and touring coaches.

Our customers choose Volvo for a reason – Volvo Buses is much more than a premium bus or coach. Volvo customers can look forward to a complete solution, tailored to their reality. This solution includes the right bus or coach, the right combination of leading support services, and our commitment and expertise throughout the lifetime of the bus and beyond.

Volvo Buses also has a City Mobility programme that addresses issues faced by the public transport industry and we have worked directly with many major cities in solving their public transport challenges by offering complete solutions,” said Mead.

Volvo vehicles are recognized for its renowned safety, high level uptime and efficiency in fuel consumption – which are important features for a quality public transport system. An unmatchable safety feature in the Volvo B7R and the Volvo B11R is its Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and its Electronically-controlled Braking System (EBS).

As a standard feature in all Volvo buses, the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) reduces the risk of the driver losing control over his vehicle in critical situations; for example in sharp curves or on slippery surfaces. The Electronically controlled Braking System (EBS) on the other hand, has anti-locking disc-brake system offering high braking effect and instant alertness thanks to electronic signal transmission.

All Volvo Buses models are also equipped with integrated retarder with additional Volvo Engine Brake, 4 disc brakes with higher and constant braking, and separate front and rear brake air circuits for maximum safety.

Customers moving towards new technology naturally also want security; and we are proud to say that Volvo Group has undeniably one of the toughest safety standards in the world. Safety is not only encompassed in our products; it is also incorporated in our entire production, supply, aftersales and value chain. We therefore offer various business packages whereby we undertake all maintenance processes for the entire bus,” said Muralli Muthusubramaniam, Country Manager, Volvo Buses Malaysia.

We have a network coverage of 11 dealerships across Malaysia, with an aftermarket service quality that is on par with our global service standards. We also provide 24/7 road assistance where technical support will be dispatched to our customers in case of a breakdown.

Volvo also very much focuses on training for bus technicians for specific technical support to offer customers a complete ownership experience when purchasing Volvo Buses. Volvo’s aftersales service helps our customers’ bottom line over the entire lifetime of the vehicle” added Muthusubramaniam.

Volvo B7R</p>
The Volvo B7R runs smoothly in service, maintenance and on the road. The flat top of the framework permits efficient body construction and guarantees a long, productive life. Rigid front suspension in combination with a compact and service-friendly driveline installation create a spacious and efficient vehicle.

The Volvo B7R is primarily intended for long-distance and tourist duties, but is also suitable for use as a city bus. The low-entry version, Volvo B7RLE, allows for high passenger capacity and quick entry and exit. Its kneeling function and wide centre aisle make for efficient passenger flow, and the chassis layout permits wide doors.

The B7R’s 7-litre diesel engine is one of the most efficient in its class and it complies with Euro 3 emission standards. An output of 290 bhp and 1200 Nm of torque contribute to smooth handling in all situations. The choice of automatic and manual gearboxes allows for combinations that will suit any need, and Volvo&rsquo;s single-reduction rear axle is available in a range of ratios. The benefits are the traditional Volvo hallmarks of first-class driveability, outstanding fuel efficiency and low environmental impact.

Volvo B11R
The Volvo B11’s highly fuel-efficient Euro 3 engine cuts operational costs, and Volvo&rsquo;s quality standards combine functionality with passenger comfort and lifecycle productivity. Rigid front suspension in combination with a compact and service-friendly driveline installation extends the scope for creating a spacious and efficient coach.

The B11R is available in a 2-axle chassis and possesses a stable and pleasant driving character with passenger comfort. Its powerful engine is able to produce a power output of 370 to 430hp yet its high fuel efficiency further adds low running costs and sustainability.

The B11R’s new 11-litre Euro 3 engine combines strength, reliability and economy in a right-sized but equally powerful package. With 370 and 430 hp and massive torque from very low revs, the B11R is more than capable in taking passengers to their destination swiftly and safely. The legendary Volvo I-Shift transmission, which combines smooth and silent shifting with fuel efficiency, is also available in the B11R.

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