Volvo Cars Malaysia launches reusable face masks

You may not be able to buy a new Volvo right now, but you can buy a branded reusable antimicrobial face mask with the Swedish car maker’s logo on it instead. And by doing so you are helping to support the local Malaysian communities who are suffering financially due to the pandemic. 

According to recent reports from media, Volvo Cars Malaysia has launched a series of reusable antimicrobial face masks with floral batik designs in cooperation with fabric maker NanoTextile and local Malaysian children’s clothing label Three Little Ahmads.

The ethically-sourced masks are produced by unemployed individuals including single mothers and women in rural neighborhoods who lost their jobs when retail factories were forced to close as a result of the government’s movement control order in March last year. According to the article, the crisis has affected these individuals’ ability to support themselves and their families and many of them have had to pawn the jewelry they received as dowries just to make ends meet. According to Volvo Cars Malaysia, the project also aims to limit the disposal of single-use surgical masks to protect and improve the environment. 

About the collaboration, Volvo Car Malaysia marketing, and PR director Akhtar Sulaiman said, “This collaboration truly falls in line with Volvo’s core philosophy of ‘Omtanke,’ which is a Swedish word and Volvo’s brand ethos that means ‘to care’ and ‘to be considerate.’ We are honored to lend a helping hand to our local communities and sustain their livelihoods, especially during these economically challenging and vulnerable times.”

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