Welcome back at the Danish Seaman’s Church

Approximately 1500 Danes are living in Singapore, and a lot of them have been out of the country to enjoy the summer months. That is why the Danish Seaman’s Church in Singapore threw their annual “Welcome back / Welcome to Singapore” on Saturday night 5 September 2015. Several big, white tents had transformed the church’s backyard and were filled with Danes of all ages. Before the event 180 people had signed up, but another 20 people turned up on the night of the event. Several of the attendees expressed surprise at the number of people that turned up.

“There are definitely more people than last year,” one woman said at the line for the buffet.

"Welcome back / Welcome to Singapore" at the Danish Seaman's Church
“Welcome back / Welcome to Singapore” at the Danish Seaman’s Church

The purpose of the event was to introduce or re-introduce the offers for Danish people in Singapore at an open house and networking dinner, which is why you could see Danish interests and organizations in Singapore such as SWEA and DABS presenting themselves at 16.30 where the event started. At 18:00 a buffet dinner consisting of both Danish and non Danish food was served for the cost of $35 and the round tables within the tents had several seating, so that a bit of networking with both old and new friends was possible.

With no time set for the event to end, it lasted well into the night and there’s no doubt that new friendships were made at some of the tables. Others chose to surround themselves with people they knew.

“There are so many people I don’t know where to start,” Trine, 25, said. She sat with her co-workers and their spouses.


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