Winter Wonders

Danish design meets the warmth of the holiday season in Skagen’s latest line

By Kristy Alpert

Danish holiday traditions are a celebration of moments and memories that capture the beauty of time and the season.
From the flicker of glowing candles shedding soft light on the center of a feast to the scent of freshly baked brunkager wafting through the air as the family gathers to decorate the tree, there is an undeniable warmth associated with Danish holiday traditions.

SKG1230 Holiday 13 CatalogThe true beauty of these festivities is that they can be celebrated in any corner of the world — from Skagen to
Singapore — and they always have the power to rekindle a cozying sense of home and comfort.

Skagen: Distinctly Danish

This holiday, we’re celebrating the moments that create a sense of wonder around the season. Whether it’s embarking on a long journey home or simply treasuring the warmth of a cozy, candlelit meal, these special occasions inspired our most thoughtful collections and truly embody the essence of Skagen.

Taking its name from an old fishing community set at the Northern tip of Denmark, Skagen seeks to hold true to the exceptional culture created by the many artists and designers drawn to this cozy village. Throughout the year, Skagen boasts stunning natural light and beautiful nature amid contrasting cozy yellow houses with red tile roofs and sleek modern architectural delights. But it’s over the holidays that this seaside gem truly sparkles with the magic of the holiday season.

SKW2051 SKW2046It’s that sense of warmth and wonder that make Skagen so special this time of year. The excitement of traveling
to a familiar place, creating special memories, and rekindling our traditions is here again, whether that means making pebernodder with your grandmother or hand-making ornaments with your siblings.

Timeless Skagen

By mixing together the effortless, understated beauty that defines Danish design with the warmth and beauty of Denmark’s holiday traditions, Skagen created this distinctly Danish holiday line. We’ve paired sparkling crystals, shimmering metals, and functional materials with the signature simplicity and elegance of Danish design in our latest holiday offerings.

Each timepiece beats along to the pace set in the seaside village of Skagen and, with a nod to the glowing lights of the Danish holiday traditions, the design speaks of the simple yet magical traditions celebrated each year with friends and family.

About Skagen

Skagen Denmark is a contemporary lifestyle brand, rooted in simplicity, modesty and a sense of purpose. Combining the inspiration of timeless Danish craftsmanship with thoughtful innovation, we create honest, high-quality products that are both functional and elegant. Inspired by the welcoming spirit of Hygge, the respect for nature and the unmatched ability to create essential beauty, we hope to be a source of inspiration throughout the world. We believe the world needs a retreat from complexity, and a breath of fresh air. Founded in 1989, Skagen Denmark is present in nearly 80 countries worldwide. Our lifestyle collections include watches, jewelry, leather accessories, gifts and home goods.

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