World’s first MAYA MUSIC festival in Bangkok

On the 7th of March, world’s first MAYA MUSIC festival will be held in Bangkok. Among the artists, Swedish famous Steve Angello is represented. 

The world’s first MAYA will be held in 2015 in Bangkok under the concept of electronic music from the topmost DJs – here among the Swedish Steve Angello.

Steve Angello is a multi-platinum selling electronic musician, record producer, DJ, and entrepreneur. Born in Stockholm, Sweden.

Listen to Wasted Love by Steve Angello ft. Dougy.

What is MAYA? 
MAYA Music Festival is originated, created and operated by FEEL Corporation, Thai creative team who intend to make the World-Class Festival of Thai Arts and Electronic Music.

MAYA is a tangible imagination, dream and fantasy. The perfect combination of a miracle of Eastern Arts and a magical of Western electronic music become the unique of MAYA.

Read more about the artists and sign up for the festival here:

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