YuuZoo Corp. partners with Swedish CoC to promote mobile football games

Singapore-listed YuuZoo Corporation has acquired distribution and marketing Rights for mobile games for 11 of the world’s most popular football clubs, including Chelsea FC, Real Madrid, Manchester City FC, FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC, AC Milan and Arsenal FC.


YuuZoo, a leading global third generation social e-commerce company, whose Co-Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO is the Finnish ex-Nokia executive Thomas Zilliacus, has partnered with Sweden-based Circle of Champions Inc. (CoC) for the popular football games.

The games, developed by CoC have been created for the world’s top football clubs.

The high-revenue generating Android and iOS mobile games are: Powershot Challenge and Striker Challenge (“Games”).

YuuZoo plans to build online “virtual clubhouses” for the football teams, which will facilitate downloading the Games, as well as enabling fans to purchase fan merchandise, interact with other fans and club representatives, and, where YuuZoo has the relevant rights, engage in online gaming. The revenues from all activities, including in-app purchases, e-commerce, advertising and gaming will be shared between CoC and YuuZoo.

The combined global fan base of the teams CoC has contracts with exceeds 1 billion, while the combined fan base registered on Facebook exceeds 320 million.

The Games are structured as competitions, in which the gamer chooses the team and the player avatar, and tries to score in a series of 5 kick-offs. The gamer can enhance player attributes by buying packs, priced from 1.79 euro up to 89.99 euro. The packs help the player to win the competition, as well as giving an opportunity to win exclusive “money-can’t-buy” prizes, including the possibility to be flown to the club of his choice and participate in the club’s training sessions and view top games in VIP stadium seats, including Champions’ League games.

As a result of the exclusive “money-can’t-buy” prizes the average revenue per paying user has reached as high as 295 USD net (after Apple or Google store share) per year.


“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to work together with Circle of Champions. The clubs CoC already has created games for a global fan base of over 1 billion. These fans are likely, as the ARPPU in Europe show, to spend significant amounts of money for the possibility of winning a VIP-trip to their favourite club. We already have had very favourable initial response to the idea of TV shows for the promotion of the games from some of the largest TV networks in Asia and Africa. Our own reach to over 30 million mobile gamers after the recent acquisitions enables us to reach tens of millions of gamers directly. Getting as users just 0.1% of the global fan base of the clubs CoC has developed games for means more than 1 million users. If all become active paying users at the 295 USD ARPPU that CoC has seen already, this would generate close to 300 million USD in in-game revenue”, said Thomas Zilliacus.

YuuZoo uniquely combines social networking, e-commerce and gaming in a mobile-optimized, fully localized virtual shopping mall, where the consumer can access hundreds of targeted social networks, targeted shops and targeted entertainment through one single login. All networks are localized for each market as comes to language as well as merchandise and design.


Circle of Champions Inc. is a recently formed 50-50 joint venture between ICYOU AB of Sweden and Mobile FutureWorks Inc. (“MFW”). MFW is also a controlling shareholder of YuuZoo. With offices in Sweden, Singapore and Thailand, where the game development is centred, CoC initially has focused on creating games for the world’s most popular sport, football, but with the capacity and intent to expand into other popular team sports such as basketball, rugby, cricket, ice hockey etc.

Thomas Zilliacus is also the Founder and Chairman of Advisory Board of Mobile FutureWorks, Inc.

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  1. Mr Thomas Z ; I am a loyal shareholder of your company since it was Contel day …I lost money in it . Any chance as you mentioned in AGM as a private investor capacity a 500 days turnover and new warrant exercise price at 70c, will they exercise them in 500 days’time and make profit ?.. I hope I won’t get poorer by then.
    Many thanks

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