Malaysian in Denmark’s Eurovision Song Contest

When Denmark finds its participant for the Eurovision Contest 2012, one of the possible winners is half Asian. The ten participants in the national final were announced January 5, and one of them, Suriya, is a Malaysian.

Suriya’s full name is Suriyatim Hoffmann. She has a Malaysian-Indian mother and a Danish father but was born in Perak, Malaysia. The 32-year old Suriya is probably most famous as one of the pop duo S.O.A.P. which were to be found on the music charts in the late 90’s with hits like “This Is How We Party” and “S.O.A.P. Is In The Air”.

In Denmark’s Eurovision Song Contest, Suriya will perform with “Forever I B Young” written by Thomas Hoffmann, Jakob Winge and herself.

Last year, another Asian-Danish artist, Christina Chanée climbed to be Denmark’s national final and represented Denmark in Oslo in 2010 together with Thomas N’evergreen.

Denmark’s Eurovision Song Contest – in nmark called Melodi Grand Prix – will be held in Aalborg January 21.

Europe will find this year’s winner of Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan on May 26. For the first time the contest will take place in Asia because of Azerbaijan winning last year’s contest.



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