Successful Swedish Association in Hua Hin Annual Meeting

On 26 January 2012, about 130 members of Swedish Association in Hua Hin signed up to the annual meeting and the subsequent Thai buffet and dancing at 3 Girls Restaurant. Meeting Chairman Carl Edblom managed for the third year the proceedings, as usual in an excellent manner.

Chairman Gert Andersson was re-elected for the coming one year. Margareta Olsson, Carl Gunnar Eriksson and Lars Olof Fagerström were re-elected for two years. New members of the board Else-Marie Lundin, Bridget Bernhardsson and Siv Jonsson Andell were elected for one year term.

Lars Roos was elected the new auditor for 1 year. Bo Bernhardsson was elected as deputy auditor. Jan Trüschel and Claes-Allan Lundin were re-elected for one year as the Nomination Committee, with Jan Trüschel as convener.

The Board had submitted a proposal for amendment of the bylaws, that the fiscal year shall coincide with the calendar year. That would mean an extended year from July 2011 – December 2012. The meeting approved the amendment of the bylaws with more than 2 / 3 majority.

The association’s chairman Gert Andersson thanked the directors and members for their efforts during the past year.

He thanked in particular former board member Inger Cederwall and outgoing Board member Stefan Jerling and Khun Aom, Siv Österlund, Anne-Marie Sävström and Per Damsberg who had worked as volunteers of the association. Additionally he thanked Khun Pla from Three Girls Restaurant.

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