Ladies Networking Night in Shanghai

Around 180 successful and independent women from 9 different Chambers of Commerce gathered Wednesday 15 February at the bar & restaurant Glo London in Shanghai for their second Ladies Networking Night. An event especially organized by the Danish Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai for women with a sense of ambition and living in Shanghai.
A sense of female ambition filled Bar Glo as the women socialized and shared experiences.
At the event you could meet people such as Monique Maissan, who was recently awarded as the Top Women Entrepreneur of 2012. A prize awarded to her by the American Enterprising Women magazine.
”It is just amazing to see so many women together, having such good discussion. There were people telling me how they did not know that there were so many nice ladies in Shanghai, besides their normal group of friends” saids Mariska Kiewiet de Jonge, General Manager of BenCham.

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