Scandinavia Ranked the Best Place to be a Mum

According to Save the Children’s thirteenth State of the World’s Mothers report, Scandinavian countries are among the top six best places to be a mum while China ranked 14th place in the second category.

A recent report on the best and worst places to be a mum compares 165 countries around the globe taking into account various factors such as a mother’s health, education, economic status, and critical child indicators e.g. health and nutrition.

This year the report focuses more on nutrition particularly from the time a woman gets pregnant until the child is two due to the fact that malnutrition is an underlying cause of 2.6 million child deaths worldwide each year.

Scandinavian countries are among the top six best places on the list where Norway comes at first place in the third consecutive year while Sweden is ranked at 3rd place, Denmark at 5th place and Finland at 6th place.

The ranking is classified into three categories; developed countries, less developed countries and least developed countries.

For less developed category, China is ranked at 14th place, Thailand at 16th place, Vietnam at 20th place, Philippines at 52nd place and Indonesia at 59th place. While in the least developed category, Cambodia is ranked at 6th place, Myanmar at 7th place and Laos at 11th place.

Of the ten countries at the bottom of Save the Children’s annual index, seven are in the midst of a food crisis. The report highlights that the best method for breaking this cycle and protecting the pregnant mother and her baby from malnutrition is to focus on the first 1000 days starting from pregnancy.

Niger is reported as the worst place to be a mum this year, replacing Afghanistan for the first time in two years.

For a full report, follow this link

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