Danish Consulate General in Hong Kong to Close Down

The Danish Consulate General in Hong Kong will close down in 2012. The closure is part of a savings plan for Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The plans will become effective already by August. The consulate is currently working on finalizing agreements with other countries’ consulates to serve Danes with issuing passports and foreigners with issuing visa.
 Mr. Torben Gettermann, Consul General, Hong Kong, explains, that there is an increasing economic integration in southern China, with Guangzhou as the center.
 “In southern China we will see an adjustment of our export promotion activities,” Mr Gettermann explains.
 “When the Consulate General in Hong Kong closes, the activities will therefore likely be handled by the nearby General Consulate in Guangzhou. From there we will continue to benefit the Danish economy and Danish citizens throughout the area,”he adds.
 A Danish innovation center will remain open in Hong Kong. This office will in future be led by Ms. Martine Gram Barbry with a total of three local staff. Innovation Centre moving to cheaper locations than the current.

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