China’s Science and Technology Park to Establish in Finland

Managed by Finpro and China-Finland Golden Bridge, Zhongguancun Zparks Software Park in Beijing, the FinChi Innovation Center, will cooperate with Finland by establishing a Chinese Science and Technology park in Espoo, Finland and expanding FinChi’s activities to Beijing.

The aim is to increase science and technology cooperation between Finland and China and to reinforce commercial relations.

“We want to establish a new Chinese science and technology park in Finland and expand FinChi Innovation Center operations to Beijing,” explains Kari Hayrinen, President and CEO of Finpro.

Internationally recognized as a country with ability for innovation, good business environment and strong government support, Finland is the gateway for companies entering the Nordic, Russian and even the whole of European market.

“The aim is to support both Chinese and Finnish companies in entering markets, technology cooperation and R&D,” says Fang Zhou Chairperson of Zhongguancun ZPark Software Park.

The closer cooperation with China meets the objective of Finland’s Ministry of Employment and the Economy.
“Finland needs internationalization, and this represents an important step in that direction. Finland also needs investments, well-being, jobs, and export to safeguard our economy”, states Erkki Virtanen, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

The ZPark would also help Chinese companies start business and research cooperation in Finland. “This will make it easier for Chinese companies to establish R&D units in Finland and hire Finnish experts,” says Marko Vanska, CEO of China-Finland Golden Bridge.

The establishment of ZPark represents the entire Zhongguancun Software Park Development Company which includes Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and other technology sectors.

The establishment would expand the activities of the FinChi Innovation Center managed by Finpro to ZPark Software Park in Beijing, which is one of the 10 Science and Technology Parks in the Zhongguancun region. Known as the Silicon Valley of China, this area is home to more than 20,000 international and Chinese companies that produce nearly 25% of the gross national product in the Beijing region.

“The expansion of FinChi’s activities to Beijing will also allow Finnish companies to better utilize the opportunities for commercial and technology cooperation that exist in Beijing,” says Havrinen.

The FinChi Innovation Center in Shanghai and Shenzen currently supports Finnish companies as they invest in China and develop their business in the region. FinChi functions as a channel for commercializing Finnish technology in China and helps Finnish companies network with Chinese players.

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