Book by Norwegian Author Published in Chinese

Written by the Norwegian author, Erlend Loe, the successful novel ‘Naiv.Super’ is now published in Chinese.

First published in Norway in 1996, Naiv.Super novel was well received by both reviewers and audience.  In 2006, Erlend Loe received the European parliament’s prestigious Prix Europeen des Jeune Lecteurs award for his book. On the Norwegian National Day this year, the book was released in Chinese language in China.

The book is about a 25-year old man who is losing his footing in life. He is afraid of time, afraid of getting old and no longer knows what is important in life. The author explains his book as a reflection over time, aging and the meaning of life and admits that he recognizes himself in the main character.

Erlend Loe is a diverse writer. Apart from writing books for an adult audience, he has also written children’s literature and film scripts. The children’s books about Kurt, the truck driver, are some of his most popular. In 2008, Kurt was featured in an animated film based on the books “Kurt, quo vadis?” and “Kurt becomes cruel”. He has also written scripts for the films ‘Detector’ and ‘Most people live in China’.

His books are available online and at selected bookstores in China.


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