Comprehensive Partnership between Vietnam and Denmark

In a recent interview with the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam, Vietnam Economic News reported a strong relationship and comprehensive partnership between the two nations.

On the occasion of 41st anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the Kingdom of Denmark and the National Day of Denmark which is June 5, Vietnam Economic News spoke with John Nielsen, the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam about the cooperation between Denmark and Vietnam.

The diplomatic relations between the two countries was first established in 1971. The cooperation took off in early 90’s when Denmark selected Vietnam as a country for Official Development Assistance (ODA). In 1994, the embassy was established and provided more than US$1.3 billion in ODA to Vietnam since.

“I think the development cooperation has been highly successful. Since we began our ODA, the country has experienced a fast economic growth and impressive reduction in poverty from 58 percent to below 10 percent,” said the Danish Ambassador John Nielsen.

The relationship has progressed to another level as Denmark views Vietnam as a commercial partner, according to the Danish Ambassador.

As Denmark’s competencies are in the green growth and food production, it could further support Vietnam in these areas where there’s a potential to transfer knowledge from Denmark to Vietnam.

Specifically, Denmark plans to further focus on commercial links, culture, good governance related activities. There’s also a plan to work with Vietnamese government in areas related to climate change. 

“My ambition during my term as ambassador is to ensure that we deepen cooperation between the two countries and move into more comprehensive partnership based on increased political dialogue, a general strengthening of commercial links including development of cooperation within green growth such as clean energy production and efficiency, climate change, culture, and research,” said the Danish Ambassador. 

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