Cambodian Apparel Union Won Norwegian Award

The Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers Democratic Union (C.CAWDU) has been awarded the Arthur Svensson International Prize for Trade Union Rights in Norway. C.CAWDU President Ath Thorn and Vice President Kong Athit travelled to Norway yesterday to accept the prize to be awarded on June 14. 

C.CAWDU is an independent and democratic union in Cambodia particularly represents garment workers’ rights and interests. It aims to improve work conditions for workers by providing training, legal consultant, dispute resolution, negotiations with companies and the government to its members.

This year C.CAWDU won the Arthur Svensson International Prize for promoting garment workers’ rights in Cambodia. According to the report, C.CAWDU is recognized as it helps ‘push workers to have better work rights and higher salary’ since 2000. The US$ 80,000 prize will be awarded to C.CAWDU president on Thursday in Norway.

C.CAWDU president Ath Thorn said before he left to Norway that the prize will be used to construct an office center for workers where members/non-members can use to hold meetings and to develop human rights and other programs such as increasing wages, providing health benefits and awarding other strong unions.

For information about the Arthur Svensson International Prize, follow this link.


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