Swedish Ambassador Participates in Business Seminar for Singaporean Students

Swedish Ambassador Ingemar Dolfe participated in a full day seminar titled ‘Unravelling the mysteries of doing business in Europe’, organized by the Singapore Polytechnic. Among the speakers were a young Swedish entrepreneur Ms. Claudia Olsson and Ambassador Marc Ungeheur, Head of the EU Delegation to Singapore.

Many students in Singapore recently attended a seminar which aimed to provide knowledge about the European business climate, the Eurozone economic challenges and the cultural diversity of European nations.

Ambassador Dolfe provided an overview of Sweden’s business climate, and noted Sweden’s emphasis on innovation and creativity as integral parts of the Swedish business success. The close relationship between Singapore and Sweden in many areas, including trade, research and education was highlighted. The students noted with interested that close to 400 Singaporean exchange students study in Sweden every year.

Ms Claudia Olsson, a young Swedish entrepreneur, addressed the issue of cultural differences in doing business in Asia and Europe. Ambassador Marc Ungeheur, Head of the EU Delegation to Singapore, provided an update on the Eurozone and the road to recovery. He noted that EU’s trade with Singapore is increasing.

The presentations provided the students with a nuanced overview of the business opportunities and challenges in Europe and the cultural differences between Europe and Asia.

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