SAS Invites Customers to Share Ideas

SAS has recently launched a crowd sourcing portal, My SAS Idea (, where customers are invited to share their ideas of how the airline can improve their service or do things differently. The aim is to keep a continuous dialogue with its customers in order to launch new products and services.

“Crowdsourcing is a fairly new trend, and we see great potential of being early adopters within this field. We have had two crowdsourcing campaigns in the last year and a half, but now we are launching a fully committed and continuous platform for all aspects of our business. Quite a few businesses and also airlines have launched temporary crowdsourcing campaigns, but we are now the first airline in the world to create such a stand-alone forum as My SAS Idea. We know our customers have a lot of ideas, and we want to be able to make their best ones a reality,” says Joakim Landholm, Chief Commercial Officer of SAS. 

My SAS Idea allows the public to suggest any ideas from how to improve the SAS service and product offerings to destinations and EuroBonus. The ideas that get the most votes from others will then be assessed and analyzed by SAS. 

Last year, SAS launched the crowdsourcing campaign “Semesterflyet” (“The Summer flight”), where SAS Facebook-fans in Norway were given the chance to propose and vote on a new seasonal route from Oslo, as the airline had extra capacity to serve one additional destination. The campaign was very well received and won a WEBBIE Award by Flight Global, which promotes the best and brightest in aviation websites and online activities. SAS also won a WEBBIE the previous year for its hugely successful global social media campaign Love is in the air.  

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