FBCS Gained Insight on Everyday Sourcing Practice

Due to a significant increase in development when it comes to the importance of sourcing, the Finnish Business Council Shanghai (FBCS) held a seminar on Wednesday June 13th and invited Mr. Lars Larsson, General Manager for Capacent in China to share his insights into everyday sourcing practice.

With nearly 20 participants, the guests listened to Mr. Larsson as he stressed the importance of understanding the supplier market and its cost drivers. Then he advised companies to align their purchasing strategy to their supplier’s development.

Furthermore, the purchased products portfolio analysis takes into account both supply and demand conditions.

At the end of the seminar, Mr. Larsson also raised awareness on benchmarking as a tool for cost management. By comparing the sourcing costs to best practices, a company can ascertain that it gets the best price.

Finally, Mr. Larsson elaborated the significant potential in sourcing projects through a case study for a global company.

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