Thailand Aims to Enter the Nordic Market

In response to a positive report from the Office of Commercial Affairs in Europe, Ministry of Commerce Thailand plans to encourage Thai businesses to penetrate the Nordic market. It also looks for Thai business partners to work together on Energy Development, (Information Communications Technology) ITC and Environmental Technology.

Mr. Poom Sarapon, Deputy Minister of Commerce, reveals that he received a report from the director at Office of Commercial Affairs in Europe that the Nordic countries have not been much affected by the world economic crisis and still projected considerably high economic growth rate. The Nordic countries, comprising of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland, also have plans to expand investments in Thailand.

The market sectors that the Nordic countries are interested in investing in Thailand are Energy, pharmaceutical and consumer products. Since the Nordic countries ranked among the top five countries in the global innovative index this year, Thailand will benefit from applying their innovations and technologies to its production system and environmental resources management, thus helping the kingdom to pursue a sustainable economy.

Thailand plans to work together with the Nordic countries in many sectors such as telecommunications, green energy and biotechnology, Industrial mining, ITC, Agricultural technology, designs and etc. Many of which are considered strengths of the Nordic countries.

Mr. Poom says that the Nordic market has a high potential because it’s the market that can serve high quality and upper-market products from Thailand. The ministry of commerce will encourage Thai businesses to invest and collaborate with business people in the Nordic countries. He plans to arrange a commercial information exchange program between senior business people of the two countries, aiming to strengthen relationship and create a positive image of the Thailand. It will also provide a forum to promote the competitive advantages and strengths of Thai products and services to the Nordic countries. 

At the moment there are various products from Thailand in the Nordic market such as food products of CP Group, consumer products, rice and spa products. Since the Nordic countries plan to expand its investments in Thailand, Thai business people can then learn from them to enhance business capacity in order to export more to Europe and other markets worldwide.

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