Finnish Tourist Raped on Lipe Island in Thailand

On 25 August 2012 at 9.00pm, Police Captain Pairoj Pichitbanjong received a report that a tourist from Finland has been raped on Lipe Island in Satun province of Thailand.

Finnish tourist Ms. Miia, 34, told police that she was raped by a stranger in the middle of the night after she went out for a drink with some friends.

Ms. Miia has been on the island for two weeks to learn diving. On the night of the incident, she said that she had a drink in a small bar, just 500 meters away from the room where she stayed in, with her three friends on Lepe Island.

After a few drinks, they split up to walk back to the hotel rooms. During the walk, she was attacked by a male stranger who grabbed her and punched her hard on her stomach three or four times. She was then dragged to the dark and raped by the stranger, who also took her mobile phone and cash of 1,000 baht.

After the incident she reported to the local police, where they escorted her to the hospital in Satun province for examination. Police believe that the criminal is still on the island and that they should find him shortly. They are in the process of inspecting the island as well as checking on videos from surveillance cameras.

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