Konecrane’s CEO has moved to Singapore

Pekka Lundmark, CEO of the Finnish crane and lifting giant Konecrane, has decided to move to Singapore.

“We forecast that 70 to 80 percent of our growth will be in the fast growing Asian markets. Not just in China and India, but also in Vietnam, Indonesia and other Asian countries,” Pekka Lundmark tells HBL.fi

It is quite common that companies move their Division managers to major Asian cities, but only few has their CEO stationed here. Lundmark believes that will become much more common in the future, especially among industrial companies.

“Asian countries are much more hierarchic, making it very important to establish contacts with both politicians and civil servants as they are very influential in the business community.”

After his first month in Singapore Lundmark find the Singaporeans view on Europe disturbing.

“Many talks about Europe as a part of the world, that has lost both its competitiveness and its future. I of course hope that it is exaggerated.”

According to Lundmark are Asian industry strongly connected to European economy.

“If Europe goes into recession it will hurt Asia as well,” Lundmark said.

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