Danish Diving Instructor Surfaces and Dies

44-year-old Henrik Kent Jensen died on the morning of 28 August while diving with two friends. He was a trained diving instructor who owned a hotel, Celagi Pisang Villa, on Lembongan Island, together with his wife Dorthe who is also a diving instructor. They offered diving trips to the nearby popular diving spot Crystal Bay as part of the hotel packages.

 Henrik Kent Jensen went diving at around 07:30 together with two friends, Susanne and Thillo, who were experience divers as well. The diving fun went as planed, according to another friend, Sys Vestergaard. All three divers had returned to the surface after an hour but that was when something went wrong. Henrik Kent Jensen passed out, and when his friends got him back in the boat, he was already not breathing.

Henrik Kent Jensen’s death was the second fatality in two days. On Monday, 27 August, a Japanese woman, also an experience diver, disappeared while diving with 13 Malaysian tourists and three dive instructors. She was found dead Tuesday as well. On Thursday, 30 August, the police had put out a ban to all diving activities at Crystal Bay and closed the Beach.

Crystal Bay is a popular diving spot because of the presents of the mola mola (oceanic sunfish) which is the worlds heaviest bony fish with an average weight of 1,000 kg. It is also one of the most dangerous places to dive because of a strong downward current.

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