Thai-Danish man arrested for drug dealing

Police have arrested a Thai-Danish man called Dennis, 34, and seized 39,400 methamphetamine tablets during a drug delivery on Sunday 9 September 2012 on Sukhapiban Soi 3 after they learned from the undisclosed source about the delivery.

His alleged accomplice, Pornchai Sing-urai, 34, was also arrested at an apartment in Klong Sam Wa area with another 14,000 methamphetamine tablets.

From their statements, police were able to seize another 25,400 yaba pills from an unregistered house in the area.

The suspects admitted to having bought the drugs from a convict called “Tee” currently serving time in Rayong Prison.

In the Ramkhamhaeng area, two suspects, Ms Sakulthai and Mr Apiwat (surnames not disclosed) were arrested when police found 5,050 methamphetamine tablets hidden under their refrigerator.

Police were acting on information from informants when they raided the apartment.

According to police the suspects said they did not know it was yaba when they agreed to a friend’s request to stash the bag in their apartment as a favour.

When they found out it was methamphetamine they were too afraid to contact police for fear they would be implicated, so decided to keep the drugs hidden.

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