Four new Scandinavian ambassadors to Malaysia

                                                                                             Bengt G. Carlsson new Swedish ambassador to Malaysia

January 2011 Sweden decided to close it embassy in Malaysia, making Per-Arne Hjelmborn the last Swedish ambassador in the country. August 2011 the Swedish government and opposition agreed to re-establish the embassy.

Bengt G. Carlsson became new ambassador to Malaysia 1 September 2012. One of his first duties will be the closure of the Consulate General today Friday 14 September and on Monday 17 September the opening of a temporary embassy located in the Trade Councils premises’ in GTower suite 16-08. Next year it is expected that the embassy will find a permanent location in Kuala Lumpur

Mr Carlsson has previously been posted as Minister Counsellor at the Embassy of Sweden in Riga. He has previously served at the embassies in Riyadh, London, Pretoria and Bangkok.

                                                                                               Hans Ola Urstad new Norwegian ambassador to Malaysia

New Norwegian ambassador Hans Ola Urstad is an experienced diplomat. He has been working in the ministry for foreign affairs since 1980 and besides assignments as Consul General in San Francisco, Ambassador in Beograd and Senior Counsellor in the ministry, he was appointed Head of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) Mission to Serbia and Montenegro in 2006.

Hans Ola Urstad replace Arild Braastad who suddenly died June 2011.

                                                                                                 Matti Pullinen new Finnish ambassador to Malaysia

Matti Pullinen became new Finnish ambassador in Malaysia 1. September 2012. He joined the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 1973.

Matti Pullinen has served as the Ambassador of Finland in Jakarta and Abu Dhabi. In the Diplomatic Service, he has also worked in the Finnish Embassies in Tokyo, Beijing, Stockholm and Geneva. In the Ministry, he has served as Deputy Director General of the Department for Asia and the Americas and as Deputy Director General and Head of Unit in the Department for External Economic Relations.

Matti Pullinen replace Tapio Saarela who has retired.

                                                                                                   Nicolai Ruge new Danish ambassador to Malaysia

The appointment as ambassador to Malaysia is Nicolai Ruge’s first appointment as ambassador. He has previous been Head of Department for Quality Assurance of Development Assistance, Deputy Head of Mission at the embassy in Tanzania and Head of Section at Department for Trade Policy. Nicolai Ruge joint the ministry of foreign affairs in 1995.

Nicolai Ruge replace Svend Waever who has been appointed Head of Secretariat for Refugee Questions at Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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