China to build LNG-powered vessels for Norway

China’s Tsuji Heavy Industries recently held the steel cutting ceremony for a LNG-fuelled multipurpose vessel for Norwegian ro-ro operator Nor Lines. It is the first of two natural gas-powered (LNG) vessels that will cut emissions of NOx by 90% and CO2 by 40%. Norway is a world leader in use and development of LNG shipping technology.

Natural gas LNG-vessels are more environmental friendly options from today’s standard diesel engines. The concept currently being built by Tsuji was developed in cooperation with Rolls-Royce, one of the world’s main ship engine developers based in Norway. In 2011 the concept won the “Next Generation Ship Award” during Nor-Shipping.

The two vessels that will be built by Tsuji are both 5000 dead weight tons, and use LNG as fuel instead of bunker fuel. This will reduce CO2 emissions by between 35 and 40%, and Nitric oxide (NOx) by 90 to 95%, and eliminate SOx (sulfur) and soot particle emissions completely. The environmental-friendly technology is also more energy efficient, saving costs on top of cutting emissions. Completion is expected in October 2013, and the vessels will traffic the North Sea carrying cargo from Germany and The Netherlands to several delivery ports along the Norwegian coast.

The ships will be classed by DNV, which has been instrumental in developing safe technologies and standards for LNG as a shipping fuel.

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