Tom Kristensen guest at Nordic Golf Tournament 2012

A special guest added stardust to this year’s Nordic Golf Tournament in Singapore. Danish race driver and 8 times Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen was in Singapore together with another enthusiastic golfer, journalist Jens Hansen, as commentators on the Singapore Formula 1 grand prix for Viasat.

Henrik Ziegler, President of The Danish Business Association of Singapore (Dabs), who loves motorsport and is a regular visitor at Le Mans, had invited both Tom Kristensen and Jens Hansen to participate in the Nordic Golf Tournament. The three of them together with fourth man Kim Nikolajsen had their own internal match, which was won by Henrik Ziegler with Jens Hansen coming second and Tom Kristensen third, leaving Kim Nikolajsen as fourth.

“I had a slow start, but my play improved significantly towards the end of the game. I made a birdie at hole 16 and pairs at hole 15 and 17,” Tom Kristensen told after the match.

But none of those four won any the many nice prizes from the tournament’s sponsors. Although Henrik Ziegler would have scored 41 points if his personal handicap had been used, the tournament is determined by a system called double peoria calculating a one day handicap for all players based on their score on 12 of the 18 holes, which must have provided Ziegler with a lower than usual handicap.

Danish victory by proxy
This year’s winner Giancarlo Roggiolani is Italian, he participated as regional manager at Grundfos. A circumstance that pleased organizer and toastmaster Oliver Andersen, who was in charge of this year’s successful tournament.

“It looked good after the first few holes, but then my putting went totally wrong. I think what saved me was that I stated swearing heavily in Italian,” Giancarlo Roggiolani said when he received the price.

It probably also helped him winning that he made birdies at both hole three and nine.

More than 90 Scandinavians and business associates to Scandinavian firms had chosen to spend Thursday 20th September and 300 Singapore dollar on participating in the Nordic Golf Tournament 2012 at the lavish Laguna National Golf and Country Club.

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