Sophie Zelmani on tour in China

The Swedish singer-songwriter Sophie Zelmani comes to China on a three day- three gigs tour, which brings her to Beijing, Wuhan and Shanghai. It will be her first ever appearance in China.

Since her debut in 1995 Sophie Zelmani has released 10 albums. She has contributed music to the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dawson’s Creek and to film as “Masked and anonyms”, “Independence day” and “My best friend wedding”.

Her song “Going home” has been covered in Mandarin Chinese by Faya Wong.


Date Venue City
2-10-2012 The One Live House Biejing
3-10-2012 Dreamer Festival, Orient Lucky City Wuhan
4-10-2012 Dreamer Festival, Lake Malaren Shanghai


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