Vietnam seeks closer ties with Sweden, Denmark

A delegation of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) visited Sweden and Denmark this week (September 22-27.) The delegation was led by Hoang Binh Quan head of CPV’s Commission for External Relations.

During the visits, the delegation held talks with leaders of the Left Party, Social Democratic Party and Moderate Party of Sweden, and the Socialist People’s Party and the Social Democratic Party of Denmark.

The delegation had working meetings with the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and the State Secretary to Minister for Trade of Sweden and with the Chairmen of the Foreign Policy Committee, the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Secretary for Trade and Strategy of Denmark.

Mr Quan thanked Sweden and Denmark for the valuable support they had given to Vietnam during its past struggle for independence as well as for the country’s efforts to overcome war aftermaths and carry out national reconstruction and current renewal process.

He affirmed that Vietnam always treasures the relations with Sweden and Denmark and hopes to develop the relations in all fields.

Mr Quan and the Swedish and Danish leaders discussed ways to promote bilateral relations between Vietnam and the two countries and between their parties in the near future.

The party and government leaders of Sweden and Denmark expressed their delight at the sound relationship with Vietnam, saying that they always attach importance to the relations.

They agreed with the guest on measures to strengthen bilateral relations in the future, affirming their policies of stepping up comprehensive cooperation with Asian-Pacific countries, especially ASEAN member countries.

They shared the view that potential for cooperation between the two countries and Vietnam remains high and needs to be further promoted, suggesting joint cooperation with other developing countries in tri-partite projects to fully exploit of each other’s strengths.

The leaders said, as members of the European Union, Sweden and Denmark pledge to support Vietnam in free trade agreement negotiations with the EU, while asking for mutual support in cooperation between the two countries and ASEAN member countries.

Sweden and Denmark support Vietnam’s viewpoints of settling regional disputes through peaceful means, basing on the respect of international law for the sake of peace, stability, cooperation and development.

Leaders of the political parties of the two host countries expressed their special interest in seeking ways to enhance the relations with the CPV by sharing information and experience, conducting youth exchanges and coordinating at multilateral political forums.

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