Scandinavian Crayfish Party celebrated in Bangkok

Approximately 175 Scandinavians joined the Scandinavian Society Siam’s colorful Crayfish Party on Saturday September 29, 2012 which again this year took place at the Rembrandt Hotel in Bangkok.

When you hear the word Crayfish Party, you wouldn’t think there would be more to it than having a good time eating crayfish. However, Scandinavian Society Siam crayfish parties typically feature lots of drinking songs, beer and snaps, which can get pretty rowdy. Apparently a Scandinavian crayfish party is really more of an elaborate drinking game than a meal. Everyone wears party hats and is supposed to take a shot of snaps between each crayfish. And a normal serving of crayfish is about a dozen. So let’s just say a minimum of 12 shots and for some it does not stop there. You do the math.

There was also a wonderful cheese board offering large varieties of delicious cheeses, a typically Swedish custom is to accompany your seafood with lots of cheese and many people was more than happy to keep up this tradition. However by the end of the party, there was little eating and much more drinking hence the party guests were becoming much more colorful in character and the singing a lot more boisterous.

Not to forget the lucky draw. There were plenty of gift vouchers to win. The most attractive was one week accommodation including golf at Black Mountain Golf Club. Other top prizes were 1 cubic meter seafreight to Scandinavia from Asian Tigers, a gourmet lunch combined with a guided tour of Asia House in Copenhagen, a diving and sailing tour in Phuket with Scandinavian Divers, accommodation at Oakwood and Rembrandt Hotel, equipments for golfers from Volvo, as well as free lazer tooth whitening and two treatments at Nicolie Wellness Center, just to mention a few.

All in all the night was an absolute riot, quite a few people were passing out left, right and centre at their tables. One guy was put to sleep on a sofa, hugging a bucket to puke in. Another jumped in the pool in his underwear. However, that is the stuff legends are made of. The rumors had it, that this was going to be a wild one – and it sure was one H… of a fun party!

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