Swedish Maher Zain a big hit in Indonesia

Swedish R&B singer Maher Zain has tremendous success in Indonesia. The Lebanese born and Swedish raised singer sells more records than superstars as Adele and Justin Bieber.

Right now he on tour in Indonesia promoting his new album “Forgive me”. He stated his tour in Surabaya Wednesday and continuer playing Bandung Friday, Jakarta Sunday finishing in Banda Aceh Wednesday next week.

Maher started his career as a member of Swedish music producer RedOne and worked with Swedish artists. Later on he moved to New York where he worked with top stars of music in USA. He has earlier told that he “loved music but hated everything that surrounded it”.

When returning to Stockholm from USA he changed his life and started to attend his local mosque and became an active member within the Islamic community. He released his first album “Thank You Allah” in 2010. It became the best selling album on Amazon.com’s world music chart.

At a press conference in Jakarta Wednesday he thank his Indonesian fans.

“It’s great that I get so much support from the Indonesian people for my Islamic music,” he said.

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