Scandinavian Church airs movies monthly

The Scandinavian church in Bangkok hosts a movie night showing Scandinavian films every month for an entertainment and get together purpose.
      The church began airing Scandinavian films last year in 2003, where Danish, Swedish and Norwegian films are showed. Finnish films are not available yet but the church plans to expand its variety of movie genres so that both adults and children can have a good time.
      Some of the movies that have been previously showed include Jonny Vang, Alt Om Min Far, Mors Elling and many more. This month on October 8, the church airs At Klappe Med En Hånd, which is a Danish comedy drama film.
      Mr. Finn Kydland is the head of the movie night programme. He is responsible for planning the movie schedules, movie purchase and arranges the whole movie show.
      The church plans to start a film club, where Scandinavians can apply for the annual membership at a reasonable cost and rent movies for free. More movies are continually purchased to create variety and satisfy the needs and moods of the viewers. The feedback is rather positive as more people attend the movie every month.
      The purpose of the movie night is for the Scandinavians to get together and watch and get updated about the Scandinavian movies.
      “It’s fun to see something from your home country, to see what’s new in the Scandinavian movie industry” says Finn Kydland.
      “After the movie, we sit down and have discussion about it,” he adds.
      After the establishment of the movie club, the church hopes to have a larger number of viewers and more variety of movies.
      “If there is a lot of people sign up for the membership, then we can buy more movies and continue to show quality films,” remarks Finn Kydland.
      The movies are aired outdoor on Friday evening around 7.30 pm on a big projector screen with candle lights on every table. The fee for the movie is Bt150 with a free drink served, extra beverages and snacks are also available at a cheap price. Most of the movies are with English subtitles as non-Scandinavian viewers are welcome. Invitation and programs are available through the ScandMail and the church bulletin board.

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