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Toshiba Thailand and Danish designer Timothy Jacob Jensen have launched their new line of highly-advanced televisions in Bangkok on Nov 7.

The smart TVs, entitled ‘RW1T Series’ are said to combine the best of both worlds – design and technology – onto the incredibly slim screens.

“With the technology from Toshiba, we could make it thin and polished,” said the product designer Timothy Jacob Jensen, at the launching event at Danish Embassy of Thailand. “We tried to clean it up, and give it that simple, Scandinavian touch.”

The unique Danish design was also clear to H.E. Michael Hemniti Winther, Denmark’s envoy, who gave a welcome speech at the event. He said that he spotted the style when walking around his residence, the night before, where the new gadgets were installed.

The ambassador praised a number of Danish designers, including Jensen, who have influenced creative industry throughout the world with Danish designs and recently inspected many have explored ‘technology-design’ outlets.

“I am fascinated to know how the two merge,” he ended the speech.

H.E. Mikael Hemniti Winther addressing the welcome speech.

Design matters
Following a growing trend of customers who prefer value-added products, many gadget companies take the matter of creating good looks seriously.

“When the customers go into the stores today, their first concern is not the features but the design,” said Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Toshiba Thailand’s chairperson.

The trend has prompted Toshiba to create products to satisfy the shifting market’s needs.

“We have the world-class technology and we are now building the new outlook with the designs from Jacob Jensen,” the chairwoman added.

Jensen’s works from past to present have always been minimalist and his designs at Toshiba are no exception. However, the design mogul offers something more to the television sets – a mysterious spell.

“We’re trying to create this magical look. Is it there? Is it not there? How does it stand? It’s magical!” Jensen paints the picture, referring to the small body and slim screen.

When asked of the concept behind the relatively new ‘RW1T Series,’ Jensen cited one of his favorite quotes about life: “The shortest distance between two people is smiles.”

“I believe best of the best of products when you see on the shelves are always the ones that make you feel welcome, like someone has been smiling at you,” Jensen said.

New techonology

Featuring passive 3D technology which produces brighter and flicker-free visuals, the RW1T Series comes with light-weight glasses. They also sport very sleek 1.7mm-thin bezels.

The highlight includes Music Search, an application that gives customers a big collection of music from around the world to play at one click.

The series is available in 47- and 55-inch screen sizes, for 54,990 baht and 69,990, respectively.

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