Nissa Nyberget’s brilliant performance in Pattaya

The Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Pattaya was blessed to have Nissa Nyberget and his friends as musical entertainers on November 7th, 2012, where approximately 170 guests enjoyed this special musical event.

Being a famous Norwegian freelance musician, songwriter, artist, producer, presenter and director, Nissa Nyberget together with his friends created a wonderful jam session – apparently for some the best.

One guest said “Tonight I had my best music experience ever”.

The event was much appreciated by many.

Nissa Nyberget was joined by some other fantastic musical talent such as Cha Am, bassist Åge Haugan, drummer Arne Østerberg and guitarist Freddy Nyquist.   Morten Golten rolled out music playing on his hammon organ.  Svein Finnstad, also another great musical entertainer participated, as well as Per Ola on trumpet, and one visitor playing on accordion.

Trond Myhre, a well known musician from Norway and director in an Event Burau, also played on accordion with such musical spirit.

What made the concert even more memorable and special were the new music facilities. On behalf of Event Burau, Trond Myhre presented brand new music equipment to  the Seamen`s Church donated  to honor Frode Andrè Bjørkli,  a deceased colleague from Event Burau and former worker at  Seamen`s Church in New York.   Thanks to these new additions musical facilities it lifted the audible experience to a spectacular one.

Nissa Nyberget is a great musician and entertainer; he inspires his fellow band playing friends, the orchestra, and the audience with his great enthusiasm through the jam session. Many old melodies, spirituals and songs rolled out like   “Oh, when the Saints……” which moved the audience to participate.

Nissa Nyberget, together with his musical friends, gave everybody at the event a tremendous feeling of uplifting spirits through their soul touching music.

Nissa Nyberget owns his own bar, Baan Chang, in Cha Am, famous for its jazz and rock jam sessions.

The Seamen`s Church in Pattaya visits Nissa` s bar in Cha Am two times a year, to bring cheer through music through Christmas and Easter times.

The perfect marriage between Nissa and The Seamen`s Church in Pattaya organizations are hopefully one to entertain us for many years to come.

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