Denmark To Use Differentiated Online Gaming Taxes

Online Danish gambling venues will be submitted to different tax regimes according to the ruling issued by the General Court of the European Union. The ruling has officially established that differentiated taxes need to be used by online and offline gaming venues – ruling which has been opposed by its applicants claiming such a decision would not be in full compliance with the aid rules of the European Union. The main arguments brought by the offline applicants referred to the fact that land applicants will not be affected at an individual level by the respective taxes.

Channeling Danish Gambling Consumers

The recent Danish tax regime revolving around online and offline gambling aims to ensure separate tax levels for online and offline gambling. The online gambling taxes need have been officially set at a level that can send gamblers in Denmark on their way to the regulated offer for virtual gambling – which is used to protect the Danish Gaming Act. In other words, consumers are expected to play inside online venues that are in accordance with the prices and quality gaming experience levels they find appealing.

Similar to other EU countries, Sweden is also subject to pressure forcing it to alter its online gambling market features so that it can be au pair with the competition laws in Europe. Sweden only has a single licensed gambling operator, the Svenska Spel which is protected by the government, and which complies with the Lotteries Act in 1994 and the Casinos Act in 1999. Promoting unlicensed gambling is considered a criminal act in this country; nevertheless, the law was amended in 2002 and now places like KasinoLand can freely recommended the best online casinos to play in, along with make mobile casino recommendations and display reviews of the same venues. Visit the Kasino Land site and get the latest news on the biggest casino bonuses on the web and the most recent venues added to the list. You can also use the quick links to gain immediate access to the casinos that wink most at you and start gambling using real money on the spot.

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