Norway’s external trade with 4 major SEA nations September

Norway’s trade of traditional commodities (excluding ships and oil platforms) with four major South East Asian trading partners from January to September this year saw significant increase in imports from Singapore and exports to Indonesia.
     Figures released by Statistics Norway show that Norway’s imports of goods from Singapore during the first nine months accumulated to NOK 686.3 million, a 40.3 percent increase compared to the same period last year. The imports from Thailand also rose 12.2 percent from last year’s corresponding period to NOK 926.3 million.
     With other two major trading partners in the region, Norway registered 3.9 percent decline and 3.3 percent increase in imports from Malaysia and Indonesia respectively.
     To Indonesia, however, Norway exported goods worth NOK 222.4 million during the period, a 39.6 percent increase year on year. Norwegian exports to Thailand also rose considerably to NOK 518.2 million, 16.4 percent more than the corresponding period yesteryear.
     Exports to Malaysia and Singapore dropped 5.3 percent to NOK 240.4 million and 4.1 percent to NOK 1,237.9 million respectively.
     Globally, Norway’s exports of goods were worth NOK 48.7 billion in September 2004, increasing 28 percent compared with September last year. The country imported goods worth NOK 28.4 billion during the month, an increase of 14.1 percent. The Norwegian trade surplus was NOK 20.3 billion in September.

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