Open Trade Gate Sweden launched

Have you encountered an obstacle when trading with Sweden?
Or have you got suggestions how to get rid of unnecessary or stupid Swedish trade regulations?
Whatever trade issue you like to raise with Sweden, please contact Open Trade Gate Sweden, a new service from the National Board of Trade in Stockholm.
     “We will reply to you within 24 hours, maybe not always with the solution, but always confirming we got the message and are working on it,” promises Ms Elisabeth Dahlin, acting Director General, National Board of Trade Sweden. “Even if the question should be taken care of by another government agency than us we will forward it to that agency and make sure it is responded to properly.”
     Open Trade Gate Sweden was launched in October 2004.
     This one-stop-shopping service is directed to all developing countries, whose export to Sweden has declined the last few years.
     A likely explanation to this trend is that trade regulations have become more difficult to understand and comply with after Sweden joined the EU.
     “But not only EU, Sweden alone has quite many regulations on top of those enforced by the EU. A study by us showed that half of the trade obstacles exporters experienced in Sweden are made in Sweden!” says Elisabeth Dahlin.
     Contacts and further information about Open Trade Gate Sweden is available at the website

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