Scandinavian “innebandy” team wins Singapore National Championship

The Singapore National Championship in “innebandy” – called floorball in English – was recently won by the Scandinavian “innebandy” team in Singapore, Nhac Tre No 1. This is the first time ever a Scandinavian team has won the national championships.
     “Innebandy” or floorball is a very popular sport in Sweden and is growing in popularity in Singapore as well as in other countries abroad. It is basically like Ice Hockey without the ice. It is a very fast and technical game with 6 players per team on the court at any time – and substitutions made “on the fly”. Players use plastic sticks that look a bit like hockey sticks, and a plastic ball instead of a puck. There are both men’s and women’s leagues in Singapore and the sport is fast gaining popularity.
     The Singapore Floorball League is a national league with 15 teams that plays from January to April. The other teams represent local sports clubs as well as the major Universities like NUS and NTU.
     “Our Scandinavian team, Nhac Tre No 1, is made up of mostly Swedes, but also some Finns and Danes,” says Martin Sjolund, who is the Team Manager of Nhac Tre No 1 as well as one of the players on the team.
     “Most of our players are expats from Scandinavian companies like Ericsson, SKF, Kandidata, Trelleborg, Volvo, Nokia etc.”
     Nhac Tre No 1 played the final match of the championship on April 6 against a Singaporean team named “The Moosemen” and won the game 5 – 3 – coming from behind to score 4 goals in the last 8 minutes of play.
     Team captain Niklas Erlandsson was voted best player of the finals.
     “The final turned out to be a great match,” says Martin Sjolund.
     “We want to thank the Singapore Floorball Association for their hard work organizing this event and promoting innebandy in Singapore. We also want to wish the best of luck to the Singapore Women’s team in the floorball world cup in Switzerland this May.”

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