1,900 Filipinas applied to work as au pair in Norway in 2013

A total of 54 500 persons with non-Nordic citizenship immigrated to Norway to work in 2013. This is a decrease of 2 200 persons compared with the record year of 2012. Labour immigration showed the highest decrease, but was nevertheless still high. udi

Labour was the reason for immigration for 43 per cent of immigrants in 2013, and one third came because of family. Thirteen and ten per cent came because of refugee situations and studies respectively.

One third with education permit came from Philippines

A total of 5 900 persons immigrated in 2013 due to education or cultural exchange. This was a slight increased compared with the previous year. There were many immigrants from the Philippines in this group; 1 900 persons, or 33 per cent. The number of registered persons for the Philippines is so high because the au pair permit is also considered to be a type of education permit.
High portion of residents.

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