Thai students win award at Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2014

Thai students were awarded the ‘Diploma of Excellence’ with USD 3,000 at the ‘Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2014’ organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). Stockholm Junior Water Prize is a way to high-light projects related to water and the environment. Students from over 28 countries participate in the event.

Photo by Stockholm International Water Institute
Photo by Stockholm International Water Institute

Orawan Thasanabenjakul, Natthanicha Jairungsri and Pannawat Peanjad are students from Surapittaya School in Surat Thani province which is located in the south of Thailand. Their project regards the transformation of waste water generated during raw rubber sheet production into valuable bio-plastic called ‘GBC [gelatinous bacterial cellulose]. This bio-plastic can be used as material to create handicrafts or other useful products for the local community. The students did their workshop by visiting rubber fields in the south of Thailand.

Source: Stockholm International Water Institute

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