HOME SWEDish HOME in Singapore

The Embassy of Sweden in Singapore will organize the exhibition titled “HOME SWEDish HOME”. The exhibition is part of the Singapore Design Festival 2005 which will be held between 9-23 November. 
         The exhibition is produced by Caroline Heiroth and Lotta Cronsjö Gest.
         The exhibition HOME SWEDish HOME is an attempt to show the life of a Swedish family in the setting of a home environment. The exhibition shows a very modern – and somewhat crazy home – a home filled with lively colors and lovely design objects.
         The organizer wish to raise the question of quality: quality is not just with the finished product but also in the whole line of production – from idea through factory and store to your HOME. 
         Uniqueness for Swedish design is respect for nature and rights of everyone in the productions chain, even at a higher price. This is one important aspect of creativity and responsibility. Lasting design should be lasting to everyone.
         HOME SWEDish HOME has been exhibited earlier this year at the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo and in Okazaki, Japan.

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