Denmark’s Carbon Credit Agreement With Thai Company

H.E. Ulrik Helweg-Larsen, Danish Ambassador to Thailand, has on behalf of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed agreements with a Thai private enterprise on the purchase of carbon credits, the Embassy of Denmark in Thailand announced on 28 October.
         Carbon credits are traded as part of the international Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). This mechanism promotes environmental improvements that lower emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, thereby reducing climate change.
         The agreements concern use of biogas from two starch production plants. The production of starch results in large amounts of wastewater. This wastewater is at present mostly collected in open ponds and the emissions of greenhouse gases (methane) from the open ponds are large. 
         The projects collect the methane from the wastewater and use the gas for producing energy that is again used for the production processes at the two plants.
         The two projects will be in operation at two different plants in Nakorn Ratchasima and in Chacherngsao Provinces and will apply two different kinds of technologies. Public consultations have been conducted where the environmental impacts resulting from the projects were discussed. 
         The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is preparing to sign additional CDM contracts with Thai companies in the near future. Private companies that have ideas for CDM projects may contact the Danish embassy by email ([email protected]) or telephone ((0) 23 43 11 00, extension 1122).

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