Santa Claus Takes Flight

Santa Claus takes flight on the flanks of Finland’s national airline Finnair’s long-haul boeing MD-11 fleet. A happily waving Seven-meter high Santa will be attached onto all Finair long-haul aircraft during the next few weeks. This will help spread the message of Christmas to the world until the end of this year.
         Finnair’s Santa aircraft will fly to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hongkong, Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, Singapore and also New York.
         “Preparations for Christmas are well underway. However, this year seems to be turning out busier than usual. Rudolf the reindeer will need all the assistance Finnair’s extensive route network and modern fleet can provide,” comes the message from Santa’s home in Finnish Lapland.
         Finnair offers connections to Finland and Finnish Lapland from almost 30 countries and 50 destinations. There are tens of thousands of visitors especially from central Europe to the Arctic Circle and Santa’s home in Rovaniemi.

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