Swedish Girl Raped in Koh Samui

A 12 year-old Swedish girl on holiday with her family was reportedly raped Monday last week by one of the employees of the hotel that she and her family were staying at. The suspect worked in the hotel’s restaurant, and he has now been arrested by the Thai police.

The incident happened close by the Swedish family’s hotel by Chaweng Beach on the island’s east coast. The local police are still investigating the case. The suspected rapist has denied that it was rape, claiming that the girl was willing and that he thought she was considerably older than 12.

The incident has shocked and disgusted the tourists in Koh Samui, writes the Danish daily BT, and the state of shock has only been increased by a series of similar events in the past days. On New Year’s Eve, a 21 year-old British woman on vacation was raped and murdered while on the phone with her mother, and on top of that, a 22 year-old Brazilian model, Talipa Rosini has now gone missing. It is not yet known what has happened to her.

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