New Jungle Orchestra a Success in KL

The 10-man Danish modern jazz band, the New Jungle Orchestra, played at the “No Black Tie” jazz club in Kuala Lumpur on 3rd and 4th January 2006 in front of a full house. It was the first in a series of concerts to be performed in SEA by this most original, unpredictable, energetic and humorous band. 
         Next stop on their tour will be Singapore and then Bali where they will also be recording a CD and a film. Later in the year they will amongst others perform at the International Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta. 
         The New Jungle Orchestra has been lead by Pierre Dørge for over 20 years and 4 of the 10-man band has been playing together almost since the start. They play worldmusic at the highest level, and they are in a class of their own. With a mixture of jazz, Asian, African and European music – and some humorous madness – they created their own musical universe which gave the audience a unique and extraordinary experience. It was not only a feast for the ears… it was also most enjoyable to watch. Music like this is best to be enjoyed live!
         The NJO has over the years traveled the world covering all continents. They once played in black tie as Pierre Dørge jokingly mentioned with a hint to the name of the club they played in “No Black Tie”… that was last year when they played for the Japanese Emperor on a tour with the Danish Queen.
         Many a Scandinavian were seen in the audience in KL including the Finnish Ambassador HE Lauri Korpinen and wife together with Mrs. Jytte, wife to the Danish Ambassador, Mr. Kai Thybro Nielsen of the Marskandiser and the Denmark-based artists Jette Herne and Alek Krylow. 
         The event was financially supported by the Royal Danish Embassy and Heineken. The New Jungle Orchestra is subsidised by the Danish Art Council.
         For more information about New Jungle Orchestra:

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