Denmark Takes A Closer Look At Vietnam Aid Spend

They’re on a mission to monitor. On March 4th, the Danish government is sending a delegation of state auditors to take a closer look at the use of Danish public funds in the many development programmes that Danida execute under the leadership of the Danish Embassy in Hanoi. The primary objective of this routine visit, which will extend to March 11th, is to get an insight into the actual results of the wide-ranging development cooperation between Denmark and Vietnam. In other words, to find out if the Danish taxpayers’ money is being put to its best use.
 “We see the visit as an excellent opportunity to show the results of the programmes and projects. We do feel that we have achieved a lot in terms of cooperation with our Vietnamese partners, but we see it as a healthy practise to be checked by external ‘eyes’,” says the Danish Ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen.
The State Auditors will visit programmes and projects across Vietnam – including some of the large-scale sector programmes within water and sanitation, agriculture, fisheries and the business sector. With an annual budget of 65 million USD, Denmark is one of the largest bilateral donors in Vietnam.

For more information about Danida’s activities in Vietnam, go to the official website of the Danish embassy in Hanoi:

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