Danish Embassy In Jakarta Is Once Again Open For Service

“We are now open again,” confirmed a receptionist at the Danish mission in Jakarta on Monday –thus rendering the Danish embassy in Jakarta open again. The mission closed down last month following the angry protests over the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed.
     The Danish foreign ministry closed the embassy on February 11 and through their travel guidelines urges all Danes to leave Indonesia. The main reason appears to be that the ministry was made aware of threats from a group of muslim extremists that wanted to kidnap Danes in the country.
     The embassy is now reopened and security at the mission is at the same level as usual, Jakarta police spokesman Untung Yoga Ana told Agence France-Presse. He also added that the police were monitoring any change in the situation.
     “What is clear is that police stand ready to face any situation that develops,” he told AFP.

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